What Drives Trinity Property Consultants’ Employee Retention Strategy?

Trinity Property ConsultantsThe executive leaders of Trinity Property Consultants know their rental housing business is built on the effectiveness of their on-site community teams. That’s why they partner with us at Swift Bunny to gauge employee satisfaction year-round and take steps to address any issues their team members raise in their confidential surveys. Listening to their employees is a main driver of their employee retention strategy.

Trinity’s straightforward approach of asking for feedback and then acting on that feedback is working. How do we know? Their team members are talking about it.

Here’s what one of their highly satisfied Leasing Managers, Charlotte Geslain, recently shared on LinkedIn in response to a post by industry educator Lisa Trosien about what Gen Z finds unsatisfying about leasing jobs:

“…Trinity has great surveys with Swiftbunny actually and they actively ask for feedback anonymous or not. Receiving emails from VPs, Directors of Marketing or Director of Human resources about feedback is highly appreciated. They also listen and actually work with the feedback they are provided. Corporate teams are very accessible and responsive, that is huge. I chat with the director of Marketing a lot and just today was sent 2 new lead optimization tools because I brought up that my team is slammed.”

Charlotte’s comments are used with permission (thanks, Charlotte!) You can read the full thread of this conversation on LinkedIn.

Kudos to all of the supervisors and executive leaders at Trinity Property Consultants for listening to their teams, acting on their input, and creating satisfying workplaces. That’s how you build a culture of engagement. Well done!


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