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Hang around the leasing office break room and you’re bound to run across an employee who is looking to leave. No way? Think again. Recent surveys show the apartment industry suffers from an employee turnover rate nearly double the national average. Swift Bunny partners with multifamily companies to boost employee satisfaction and performance. The result? Increased engagement, enhanced employee and resident retention, and improved profitability.

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Ingage is an event-triggered, year-round feedback system. So much more than a survey tool, Ingage focuses on the key moments in the employee lifecycle and reveals the candid perceptions of your company’s most important stakeholders: your employees.


Clients are paired with a knowledgeable Swift Bunny team that provides expert consultation and a guiding hand. Together, we’ll identify drivers of disengagement and highlight hotspots across the organization where satisfaction, performance, and retention are at risk.


Build an action plan around Swift Bunny’s proven best practices to address the challenges and opportunities revealed, and close the gap between your employees’ expectations and the support and resources your company provides.

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August 8, 2019 12:00 PM EDT
Overboard! Why Your Best Team Members are Jumping Ship

The job market is the toughest it’s been in over a decade, and the multifamily average annual employee turnover is at a record 32% with maintenance, leasing and manager positions being the most difficult to attract and retain. Join us as we reveal eye-opening new stats on what employees in our industry care about most in their work, the market forces that are creating rough waters for hiring supervisors, and what you can do to turnover-proof your team.

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