Ingage™ Feedback System

The High Cost of Turnover

Employee turnover rates are rising. Top performers are increasingly difficult to attract and retain. Employee disengagement is a business challenge you simply can’t afford to ignore.

Why Care about Employee Engagement?

A 2020 report from Gallup indicates just 40% of US employees are engaged—that is, enthusiastic, contributing, and committed to their work. The other 60% of team members range from mildly dissatisfied to downright miserable.

Organizations with low employee engagement experience measurably lower productivity and profitability. Isn’t it imperative, then, that you make certain your work environment keeps your employees satisfied and high performing? Of course. But how?

Boost Employee Satisfaction and Performance


Introducing Ingage™ Feedback System. Measuring what Matters Most

How can you build a culture of engagement that will increase employee and resident retention, enhance your brand reputation, and improve your bottom line? We can help.

Swift Bunny specializes in partnering with multifamily companies to boost employee satisfaction and performance. Our Ingage™ Feedback System is a three-step process, beginning with uncovering the candid perceptions of your most important stakeholder: your people. Feedback becomes insights, and insights become actionable tools that empower managers in building and maintaining a high-performing culture. The result? Increased engagement, performance, and profitability.

Uncover Candid Feedback All Year Long

Begin by assessing your current state of employee engagement with our event-triggered, year-round feedback system. So much more than a survey tool, Ingage™ focuses on the key moments in the employee lifecycle. We then rank and quantify key factors that influence employee productivity and retention.

Insights Lead to Action Planning

An intuitive online dashboard and robust reporting make it easy to monitor your survey results, identify drivers of disengagement, and benchmark your performance against your multifamily peers. With Ingage™, quickly highlight hotspots across the organization where satisfaction, performance, and retention are at risk. Additionally, clients are paired with a knowledgeable Swift Bunny team that provides expert consultation and a guiding hand.

Action Leads to Improved Engagement and Performance

Use Ingage™ to build an action plan around Swift Bunny’s proven best practices to focus on the issues that matter most to your employees. By addressing the opportunities revealed, you close the gap between your team’s expectations and the support and resources your company provides. After all, boosting engagement, retention, and performance isn’t about the metrics or methodology. It’s about your people.

Top employee retention drivers in multifamily

The company culture aligns with my personal values

Senior management has communicated a clear vision for the company

I respect senior management

I am treated with respect

Senior management creates a positive work environment

I am optimistic about the company's future

The company values its employees

I am proud to work for the company

I enjoy my current job

I am satisfied with the company

Source: 2019 Swift Bunny Multifamily Employee Engagement Study


How do you uncover your employees’ candid feedback?

Good communication is the hallmark of a productive workplace. But how do you get team members to give you their honest input on what’s working—and what’s getting in the way? With Ingage by Swift Bunny™. Download our resource for real-life examples of candid feedback that frontline apartment teams share with their leaders through Ingage by Swift Bunny™ lifecycle feedback system.

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