COVID-19 Employee Check-In Survey: Are Your Employees OK?

COVID-19 Employee Check-In Survey

In light of the very challenging circumstances multifamily community teams are facing right now, we got to thinking: how can we help? 

Wouldn’t you like to know how your team members are holding up during the uncertainty of COVID-19?

We’re experts at uncovering employee feedback—so we put our heads together to craft an easy and efficient way for leaders to uncover how your teams are adapting to today’s challenges.

What they are worried about?

What is stressing them out?

What you can do to better assist them?

To help you gain valuable insights and feedback, we’ve built a complimentary COVID-19 Employee Check-In Survey which helps you uncover your employees’ candid feedback.

The best part? We’re providing this survey free of charge, no strings attached, whether or not you are an active Swift Bunny client.

The COVID-19 Employee Check-In Survey is only 11-questions, and is an easy, efficient, and no cost way for you to uncover how your workforce is adapting to today’s challenges. Administering the survey is as simple as sending an email to the team.

Once the results are in, we will then prepare a customized and informative Executive Summary of your results providing you with a complimentary consultative session at the survey’s conclusion.

There’s perhaps never been a more important time to be measuring the well-being and specific needs of your employees. Our country, as well as our industry, is navigating uncharted waters and we all know that knowledge is power. Knowing how to help your employees might just be half the battle! After all, you have to take care of your people so they can take care of your residents.

You can learn more about the complimentary COVID-19 Employee Check-In Survey by following this link or reach out to me directly at

Remember, we’re all in this together – and we’ll get through it together.


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