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Each month, we host a 30-minute interactive webinar to explore the issues that drive employee satisfaction, performance, engagement, and loyalty in multifamily workplaces. Please join us and add your voice to our ongoing conversation and exploration of how to make work work for apartment community professionals.

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Like a Boss: Coaxing Great Performance from Your Multifamily Team

December 12, 2019 12:00 PM EST

About half of workers who voluntarily quit their jobs do so to get away from a manager they don’t respect. What’s going on? Clearly, there is a massive disconnect between many managers and the associates they lead. What makes a ‘great boss’ different, and what does it take to be one? Examine what spectacular supervisors do differently to earn the enthusiasm, best efforts, and loyalty of the associates they lead, and the rewards they enjoy by building a highly motivated, high performing team.

Overboard! Why Your Best Team Members are Jumping Ship

Recorded on August 8, 2019 12:00 PM EDT

The job market is the toughest it’s been in over a decade, and the multifamily average annual employee turnover is at a record 32% with maintenance, leasing and manager positions being the most difficult to attract and retain. Join us as we reveal eye-opening new stats on what employees in our industry care about most in their work, the market forces that are creating rough waters for hiring supervisors, and what you can do to turnover-proof your team

The Secret Formula to Employee Engagement

Recorded on September 12, 2019 12:00 PM EDT

Here’s the good news about employee engagement: workplaces with high engagement have lower absenteeism and turnover, increased innovation, and markedly higher levels of customer service and profitability. The bad news? Nearly 7 out of 10 workers are not engaged. It may seem as if engaging your people is an impossible task. It isn’t. Discover easy, actionable steps to get the best out of your team. You’ll be rewarded not only with their enthusiasm, but also with superior performance, loyalty, and an improved bottom line.

Why Your Culture is Eating Your Strategy for Breakfast

Recorded on October 10, 2019 12:00 PM EDT

Culture is defined as the response an employee can expect from the company in any given situation. However, without purposefully developing your culture, no amount of strategic planning will increase performance. In this session, you’ll learn why defining your culture is critical to attracting and retaining team members, the importance of each team member’s role in bringing about positive cultural shifts, and how to take first steps into defining and nurturing a culture that propels your strategy to new heights.

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