Employee Retention: Will Your Employees Renew for Another Year?

Ingage Dashboard

Imagine if your employees had contracts that needed to be renewed annually, just like residents sign annual lease agreements. What would change about how you managed your team if you knew that each year, they would decide whether or not to stick around? Employee Retention Reality Check The reality is that employees are constantly evaluating […]

Are You Building a Culture of Feedback?

One of the greatest challenges facing rental housing employees today is not being able to get their work completed in the time allowed. In fact, 1 in 3 employees regularly feel they cannot stay on top of their job responsibilities. The question is, “Why?”  However, with so many team members feeling maxed out, it can […]

Compounding Your Volunteer Interest in This Season of Giving

Season of Giving

What volunteer efforts did your company participate in last year? How many team members were involved? How many residents? How did your suppliers support your efforts?  If you’re like many of the multifamily executives I have spoken with over the past two years, you can probably name a few causes that various properties supported, but […]

How Do You Avoid a First Week Failure? Try These Four Straightforward Steps

You finally found someone to fill that vacant position at your community. Congratulations! But don’t relax just yet. Unless you want to be replacing that new hire again in 60 to 90 days, your work is just beginning. According to Gallup research, about a third of new employees don’t even last 90-days on the job. […]

Attending APTvirtual? Here’s How to Make the Most of It

NAA Virtual

My coworkers and I are gearing up to participate in the National Apartment Association’s first-ever virtual education conference and expo, APTvirtual, and I can’t WAIT. Honestly, one of my favorite parts of my professional life is attending conferences like NAA, and I’ve been missing these events desperately: the inspiring educational sessions, the networking with multifamily […]

Resident Event Ideas: Virtual and Social Distancing

multifamily social distance resident event ideas

As the multifamily industry begins to cautiously reopen communities, we’ve compiled a list of virtual and social distancing resident event ideas that are safe, fun, and encourage a sense of community. *Make sure to check with your leadership teams before implementing.* Virtual Resident Event Ideas for Multifamily Get SOCIAL Host a VIRTUAL BINGO EVENT for […]