Swift Bunny Hires Melissa Garland as VP of Client Strategy

October 22, 2019

Group Appoints Industry Veteran with a Passion for Serving People

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA – October 23, 2019 – Swift Bunny, provider of Ingage™ employee lifecycle feedback system, today announced the appointment of Melissa Garland as the company’s new Vice President of Client Strategy. Garland will be responsible for guiding clients through implementation and rollout of the company’s Ingage™ employee feedback system and offering consultative support. 

Garland has extensive and varied experience in the apartment industry in roles ranging from leasing consultant to director of operations. While her work capacities have differed, they all have one thing in common: serving people. 

“We couldn’t ask for a more customer-focused person to lead our client services team,” said Tammy Chivers Baker, Swift Bunny’s Chief Product Officer. “Melissa is the total package. She’s worked both on-site and in leadership roles for multifamily owners, so she has a first-hand understanding of the challenges our clients face. She’s committed to helping our clients fully utilize our technology to improve their workplace culture and employee engagement. Because of her in-the-trenches experience, she has a unique perspective on how to affect positive change.” 

Said Garland, “Having worked on a number of multifamily teams over the years, I know that high performing employees can make all the difference. It’s exciting to work with multifamily clients who understand that, too. I view my role as helping our clients create better places to work, and as a result, achieve better results.” 

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