Swift Bunny Launches Inquire by Swift Bunny™ Custom Survey Solution

September 07, 2021

Industry leader in employee feedback debuts new solution at National Apartment Association’s Apartmentalize education conference, August 31, 2021

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA – September 9, 2021 – Swift Bunny, provider of Ingage by Swift Bunny™ employee lifecycle feedback system, today announced the release of a new solution in their multifamily talent management suite. Inquire by Swift Bunny™ is the rental housing industry’s first custom survey solution for collecting and analyzing feedback from employees and customers.

Inquire by Swift Bunny™ is a flexible, user-friendly cloud-based solution that enables clients to easily create and send custom surveys for any purpose, to any audience. Users may write custom survey questions or select from a library. Multiple collection methods allow for anonymous, confidential, or non-confidential surveys for maximum flexibility. Integration with the employee database eliminates the need to manually enter recipients. Managing survey responses is simple thanks to a detailed dashboard and flexible reporting which can be exported and shared with the organization’s leaders. The solution was designed in response to feedback from multifamily clients, who expressed frustration with the limitations and unpredictable cost of other survey tools. Inquire by Swift Bunny™ is offered on a subscription basis with no limitations on the number of questions, surveys, or respondents, and no surprise charges, ever.  

Joe P. Bailey, Swift Bunny’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder said, “Multifamily leaders need honest feedback from their teams if they want to earn their loyalty. And trust me, on-site community team members have opinions and insights they want to share—if only leaders would ask for them. Inquire by Swift Bunny™ gives leaders a way to easily uncover employees’ input and use it to inform company decision-making. It’s harder than ever to fill vacant positions on-site, so keeping the employees you have is job number one.” 

Added Tammy Chivers Baker, Swift Bunny’s Chief Product Officer, “Our clients are excited about all the ways they can use this tool. They plan to conduct polls for their team, their residents, and prospects. They will use it for training evaluation. They will gather associates’ opinions about new company initiatives. The possibilities are endless, and all of that information gathered can result in a more efficient, productive, and satisfying work environment for everyone.”

Inquire by Swift Bunny™ custom survey solution complements the company’s flagship product, Ingage by Swift Bunny™ employee lifecycle feedback system. It can also be used as a standalone solution.

Swift Bunny showcased Inquire by Swift Bunny™ at the National Apartment Association’s Apartmentalize Education Conference, August 31 – September 2, 2021, in Chicago. 

About Swift Bunny

Swift Bunny offers Ingage by Swift Bunny™, the apartment industry’s first employee lifecycle feedback system. Ingage by Swift Bunny™ is an event-triggered, ongoing feedback system that is more than a survey tool. The solution pairs meaningful data with personalized insights and planning, empowering you to take specific action to solve your greatest workplace challenges. Focus on the issues that matter most to your team members and improve satisfaction, retention, and performance across your entire multifamily portfolio. Learn more at www.swiftbunny.com.

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