Resident feedback solution

Improving Community Reputation, Resident Retention, and the Bottom Line

Monitor Resident Satisfaction Year-Round

Measuring customer satisfaction once a year doesn't cut it. To get an accurate picture of how well you are meeting the needs of your residents and prospects, you need more frequent touchpoints.

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Detailed Dashboard

Analyze your survey responses and get powerful reporting via an online dashboard. Drill down by region, community, or individual responses and take immediate action. Easily export results and share with other leaders in the organization.

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Improve Renewal Rates

A proprietary algorithm factors in survey topic scores, level of importance, and the correlation with the likelihood to renew. Knowing which residents are at risk of turnover allows management to take action to save them.

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Identify Priorities for Improvement

A unique two-dimensional survey approach lets you focus on the factors that are known to drive leasing decisions and resident retention. Easily identify what is most important to your customers and where there is room for service improvement.

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Get a More Complete Snapshot

Connect with every customer-not just a random sampling. Automatically soliciting feedback from all prospects and residents at key moments in the customer journey leads to more informed decisions.

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Evaluate Service Delivery in Real Time

Gathering more and better data allows you to better manage your rental housing customer experience and respond to service opportunities in time to make a recovery.

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Industry Benchmarking

Compare your portfolio's results to your rental housing peers, providing industry-specific performance insights.

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Consultative Support

Our team of multifamily experts is invested in your success. We partner with you to identify the issues that are impacting your portfolio's performance, guide your decision-making, and steer you to success.

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Drive Performance and NOI

When you uncover and act upon the issues impacting the prospect and resident experience, you drive customer satisfaction, leasing, resident retention, community reputation, and your portfolio's bottom line.

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Connect the Dots Between Employee Engagement Service Delivery, and Resident Satisfaction

When your team members are high performing and enthusiastic, they create rewarding living experiences for residents. That’s why we’ve developed one comprehensive platform to measure, manage, and maximize employee performance. Pair lntouch by Swift Bunny’M resident feedback solution with lngage by Swift Bunny’M employee feedback system to monitor customer and employee sentiments side-by-side and drive performance.

Improve satisfaction, retention, and results across your entire multifamily portfolio with Swift Bunny’s people performance solutions. Find out how Swift Bunny can help you uncover honest feedback from both employees and customers, identify priorities, and reduce turnover.

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