Ingage by Swift Bunny™

Multifamily's Only Year-Round Employee Feedback System

Revolutionizing How Multifamily Manages Employee Feedback

Monitor Engagement Year-Round

Measuring employee satisfaction once a year doesn't cut it. Data has a shelf life. To keep teams enthused and high performing, leaders need current and continual data.

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Automated Surveys

Surveys are triggered by key events in the employee lifecycle such as new hire onboarding, anniversary, and position change.

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Ongoing Consultation

Our team of engagement experts is invested in your success. We partner with you for ongoing, personalized consultation and a guiding hand.

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Identify Hot Spots

Review results and discover where engagement, performance, and retention may be at risk. Compare results for regions and positions.

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Data-Driven Decisions

Better data leads to more effective leadership and decision-making. Identify organizational strengths and weaknesses by drilling down into employee feedback and making meaningful changes.

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Take Action

Feedback is only valuable if you do something with it. Utilize the built-in recommendations in our Action Item Library to address the issues that matter most to employees. Easily track results with our project management tool.

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Two-Dimensional Survey Approach

Our unique survey methodology asks not only for agreement with statements about the employee experience, but also about each topic’s importance. This enables leaders to quickly identify what matters most to employees and make impactful improvements.

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Your workforce is bilingual. We are, too. All surveys are offered in both English and Spanish.

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Confidential Feedback

Confidential surveys give team members a safe way to speak the truth, so leadership can celebrate the things employees appreciate and improve the things that get in the way of

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Built by Experts

Our solution is powered by the industry’s experts in innovative feedback systems. Leverage our decades of experience in writing and administering effective multifamily surveys.

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Compare portfolio results against industry peers, providing multifamily-focused performance insights.

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An intuitive dashboard and robust reporting allow leaders to compare results across a portfolio and drill down to find the sentiments by region and position.

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Improve Engagement and Boost NOI

When employees are engaged and high performing, resident satisfaction, lease renewals, and referrals increase. Boost

employee and resident retention, enhance your brand reputation, and improve your bottom line with Ingage™ year-round

employee feedback system.

Improve satisfaction, retention, and results across your entire multifamily portfolio with Swift Bunny’s people performance solutions. Find out how Swift Bunny can help you uncover honest feedback from both employees and customers, identify priorities, and reduce turnover.

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