Guide to Onboarding

When bringing on a new employee, it’s been said that the recruiting phase is like dating, while the first days of employment are more like marriage—you know, the time when the REAL stuff is revealed, warts and all! Follow these seven steps for setting your newest multifamily team members up for success.

Guide to Company Culture

Cultivating a Multifamily Work Environment that Works What is workplace culture, anyway? Many think of it as the personality of the company. However, that definition is imperfect. Personality, after all, is only what’s on the surface. To understand culture, you must dig a little deeper. A company’s workplace culture is better compared to a person’s […]

14 Team Morale Boosters on a Limited Budget

Here are some specific ideas for rewarding, recognizing, and boosting camaraderie among hard-working apartment community team members. Consider trying these ideas with your people to show your appreciation for their unflagging efforts and enthusiasm.

Free Multifamily Onboarding Checklist

In multifamily onboarding can be a challenge. At Swift Bunny we are making it easier than ever to onboard new rental housing industry professionals with our free and easy checklist. Don’t forget to check out our next product release, Introduce, and find out just how efficient and organized onboarding any position in your apartment industry […]