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WPL Associates

WPL Associates is Increasing Engagement with Maintenance

WPL Associates Increasing Engagement with Multifamily Maintenance
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WPL Associates offers well located, professionally maintained and managed apartments in Oregon, Washington and Nevada. Their management team is dedicated to creating vibrant communities that make life comfortable and easy for all their residents.

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Ingage, Inquire

Listen in as Amanda Edwards, VP of Operations, WPL Associates talks with Jen Piccotti about the how the WPL team is increasing engagement and opening lines of communication with their on-site, multifamily maintenance team members with the help of Ingage by Swift Bunny™!

The levels of engagement in on-site maintenance teams throughout the multifamily industry are notoriously low and hard to connect and continue increasing engagement. WPL has always made efforts to talk with their staff whenever they can, but they have gone above and beyond to let them know that WPL WANTS to hear their feedback. Their voices are valuable and need to be heard. Because these team members are able to do so anonymously, through Ingage surveys, the teams are providing unprecedented feedback with continually increasing numbers of respondents.

Additionally, in working with Swift Bunny, Amanda says that the Swift Bunny team is amazing, super responsive and answered all the questions that they have asked throughout the process. She said she has always felt like they had great continued support through guided town halls. Some of the action items were really new for WPL and the Swift Bunny customer service team was always right there beside them to guide them and provide a positive experience.

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