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The Swift Bunny Book Club was created to inspire you with relevant business books, and to connect like-minded multifamily professionals to explore the issues that drive employee engagement. Plus, we just really love books. And book clubs. Don’t you?

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    Register for our next meeting and add it to your calendar. Download the discussion questions to help you prepare for the Book Club Meeting. Pick up a copy of the book from the library or your bookstore of choice (note that the book jacket images below are linked to each title’s Amazon page) and read it, then join us for a conversation about the book and the lessons it offers for multifamily workplaces. You can also hop over to our Swift Bunny Book Club group on Facebook to keep the conversation going in between meetings.

  • February 6, 2020 12:00 PM EST
    Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success

    Join us for our Book Club discussion of this thought-provoking book by organizational psychologist Adam Grant. Grant has been Wharton's top-rated professor for 7 straight years. He's a leading expert on how we can find more motivation and meaning in work, and live more generous and creative lives. For generations, we have focused on the individual drivers of success: passion, hard work, talent, and luck. But today, success is increasingly dependent on how we interact with others. It turns out that at work, most people operate as either takers, matchers, or givers. Whereas takers strive to get as much as possible from others and matchers aim to trade evenly, givers are the rare breed of people who contribute to others without expecting anything in return. Using his own pioneering research as Wharton's top-rated professor, Adam Grant shows that these styles have a surprising impact on success. Although some givers get exploited and burn out, the rest achieve extraordinary results across a wide range of industries. Give and Take highlights what effective networking, collaboration, influence, negotiation, and leadership skills have in common. Let's dive in and discuss how Grant's findings apply to multifamily life.

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  • Recorded on November 7, 2019 12:00 PM EST
    If Not You, Who? Cracking the Code of Employee Disengagement

    Author Jill Christensen joined us for a lively discussion of her bestseller, If Not You, Who? Cracking the Code of Employee Disengagement. We chatted with Jill on what disengagement looks like in the workplace; why toxic and/or ineffective employees are allowed to remain on teams, and the damage that does to engagement levels and productivity; and what traits are admired most in multifamily leaders. Although this event is in the past, there's much still to be learned by watching the recording. And, consider reading the book with your team and hosting your own Book Club meeting around this title, using this recorded meeting as a value-added resource!

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Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity
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