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Welcome to the Warren

Swift Bunny was born and raised in the multifamily industry. We are the brainchild of people-focused innovators. With a team powered by proven track records and rock-solid relationships, we understand employee engagement, retention, and feedback systems better than anyone else in multifamily. (And no, there’s no one named Warren here.)

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Joe Bailey

Chief Product Officer

Tammy Chivers Baker

Chief Research Officer

Doug Miller

Chief Learning Officer

Jen Piccotti

Chief Operating Officer

Jefferson Morris

Chief Communications Officer

Kara Rice

Chief Technology Officer

Kevin Mcgrey

Chief Financial Officer

Robin Brown

Director of Marketing

Terie McHale

Director of Product Development

Jonathan Bowman

Director of Client Strategy

Danielle Walker

Sales Manager

Shannon Karns

Director of Sales

Tiffany Tamminen

We can’t wait to speak with you. Act Swiftly!

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