Property Management Magic: Helping Leasing Professionals Master Time Management

Leasing Agent

Many of our journeys in the multifamily housing industry began at the leasing level. Ask any COO, Marketing Manager, Training Director, etc.; a vast majority will tell you they began as a leasing professional. The first rung on the ladder, the entry position to greatness, the path to a rich and rewarding career in our […]

What Makes Leasing Professionals Tick – and What Ticks them Off?

prevent high leasing employee turnover

Tune In to these Four Things to Prevent High Leasing Employee Turnover Have you ever had a job where you dreaded going to work every day? Where you spent time during your workday looking at job boards, or networking undercover in hopes of escaping the prison you call your job? Could this describe the work […]

Under Pressure: How to Keep Your Apartment Community Team from Stressing Out

Stressed out Employees

Employee stress is, without a doubt, one of the biggest challenges facing today’s employers. Job stress is estimated to cost American companies more than $300 billion a year, with significant impact on the cost of health care, sick days, and loss in productivity. Consider these statistics on the cost of workplace stress, provided by The American Institute […]